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  • When ordering 2 products, goods transport is free of charge throughout the Czech Republic. Valid only for the PPL carrier. In case of using other carriers, you will pay full price according to the valid price list.
  • When ordering 1 product, the price for goods transport differs depending on a type of transport you choose. Prices are valid throughout the Czech Republic.
  • Transport is provided by following companies 

PPL for 2 and more productsFREE OF CHARGE
PPLTransport price is CZK 99
In TimeTransport price is CZK 140
Czech Post, a package to the post officeTransport price is CZK 150
Czech Post, a package to handsTransport price is CZK 180

  • As soon as the package is ready to be dispatched, you will be contacted by the company via e-mail and you will obtain a shipment number and expected time of delivery.
  • We recommend you to enter a telephone number for contacting you.
  • You can track your shipment after entering your shipment number on the following addresses:

  • When taking the shipment, please, check it and if there is any damage, inform the courier of the given company. If you have any doubts about the condition of wrapping or shipment, you can refuse the shipment.
  • If you take the shipment and later, you will find it is damaged or its content is lost, the complaints procedure cannot be started.


You have the following possibilities of payment:

  • Payment card (ComGate) - free of charge
  • Bank transfer - free of charge
  • Cash on delivery - according to the valid price list

PPLCash on delivery price is CZK 35
Czech Post, a package to the post officeCash on delivery price is CZK 35
Czech Post, a package to hands Cash on delivery price is CZK 35
InTime Cash on delivery price is CZK 45

Discount code

If you have a discount voucher or a gift voucher, you can use it directly when making payment. Enter the voucher code in the line “Discount Code” and click on “Apply”. The total amount of your order will be automatically adjusted and the discount code value will be deducted.